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Equipment Loans

Start-up and business expansion costs can be intimidating-especially when there is need to invest in new (and, potentially expensive) equipment. WashingtonFirst's Equipment Loans offer business owners the means to acquire the equipment needed without using vital capital or credit lines.

Letters of Credit

If your business engages in international transactions, a Letter of Credit can help make certain that payments are received.

Due to the nature of international dealings including factors such as distance, differing laws in each country and difficulty in knowing each party personally, the use of letters of credit has become a very important aspect of international trade. WashingtonFirst Bank acts on behalf of your business (the buyer of the Letter of Credit) by ensuring that the supplier is not paid until the Bank receives a confirmation that the goods have shipped.

Business Overdraft Protection

Even with the best intentions, we sometimes make mistakes—we bounce a check, our accounts receivables and our payable don’t coincide or we make an error when reconciling our account. No matter what the reason, our Business Overdraft Protection (subject to credit approval) will safeguard your account from insufficient funds and ensure your checks clear.

Commercial Mortgages

Whether you are looking to purchase commercial real estate or need to renovate, refinance, or redevelop current commercial property, WashingtonFirst Bank has the right loan to meet your needs.

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Cash Management Services

Whether you are in need of additional cash or want to expand your business, WashingtonFirst Bank has a variety of loan products that can be tailored to fit your business’ needs. Plus, with local decision-makers you will benefit from quick turnarounds on loan and credit requests.

Small Business Loans

When you have big plans for your small business, WashingtonFirst Bank can help you succeed. We have the experience and flexibility to help you obtain SBA financing. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase equipment, upgrade your facilities, or want to expand your business, our banking experts can help you qualify for the SBA program that’s right for you.

Lines of Credit (LOC)

Our Business Lines of Credit will provide cash to help you meet short-term funding needs such as increasing inventory, dealing with seasonal cash flow issues, or taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. Your line of credit also gives you the capability to finance receivables, better manage your cash flow, and perhaps even improve your company’s credit standing with vendors/suppliers.

Term Loans

A Term Loan can help your business fulfill its long-term goals. These funds may be used to finance equipment, a change in ownership, a new business acquisition or other long-term needs of a company. Our Business Banking Specialists structure your loan so that your repayment schedule works with your business cash flow.

Construction Loans

Build a new home, office, plant or facility. Renovate or remodel existing residential or commercial space. No matter what your goal, a Construction Loan from WashingtonFirst Bank helps you achieve your goals. Construction Loans are each unique and are designed for each particular situation.

Practice Partnership Loans

Whether you've just started your practice or have an already established one, the demands of the “real” world still loom—debt from your education, credit card bills, practice expenses, rent, taxes, and more. If you need help with these obligations, a WashingtonFirst Practice Partnership Loan is designed specifically to meet the financial needs of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, accountants and attorneys.