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Information Reporting Services/Online Banking

WashingtonFirst Online Banking provides you unlimited access to your business accounts 24/7 from virtually any location. You can quickly and easily check your account balances in real-time, confirm cleared checks, reconcile your accounts, pay bills electronically, and more.

Check Printing

Contact our Title Banking Division to use one of our preferred partners for your order.

Banking on Your Time

Your time is valuable. At WashingtonFirst Bank, we provide the following conveniences to help you bank on your schedule:

• Real-time Account Balances
• Access up to 18 Months of Transaction   History and Check Images
• Transfer Funds
• Schedule Payments
• Direct Deposit of Payroll
• Added Security

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Personal Checking

At WashingtonFirst, we know the value of providing the right cash management solutions to effectively meet the demands of the title and settlement industry. Our experienced Title Banking Division is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. We maintain a staff of wire operators and customer service representative with extensive title experience that are committed to helping clients in our Title Banking Division. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and be a partner for your financial success.

WashingtonFirst offers a wide variety of product and services:.

Deposit Products

From Operating to Escrow to Sweep to MAHT accounts, we can customize the product to fit your needs.

Wire Transfers

Reduce staff time and move funds into and out of your accounts through this web-based solution for prompt execution and extended deadlines. Automatically receive notifications via email, fax and online banking.

Positive Pay

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Positive Pay is an automated check matching service that notifies you if a check received for payment doesn't match your issued list. With a few clicks of the mouse you can reject an unauthorized transaction before a loss occurs.

Remote Deposit Services

With WashingtonFirst Bank Remote Deposit Services you can deposit all your business checks right from the office, eliminating trips to the branch. Simply scan checks to be deposited using a desktop check scanner and transmit the images/make deposits directly to the Bank (and your account) via the Internet.