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Lockbox Service

Lockbox processing helps your business collect and process incoming customer payments faster, while reducing float and reconcilement costs—saving you valuable time. This service rapidly turns your receivables into cash and provides you timely and accurate reporting information. There are no envelopes to open, no copies to make and no preparing deposits or trips to the Bank.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH is an electronic method of transferring funds between banks via the Federal Reserve System. With WashingtonFirst Bank ACH services, your business is able to take advantage of direct deposits services, pay bills and taxes, and so much more.

Business Debit Card

A WashingtonFirst Business Debit Card gives you the power of a credit card and the convenience of an ATM card. As a proud member of the STAR® Network, you have access to literally millions of ATMs and retail locations nationwide.

Remote Deposit Services

With WashingtonFirst Bank Remote Deposit Services you can deposit all your business checks right from the office, eliminating trips to the branch. Simply scan checks to be deposited using a desktop check scanner and transmit the images/make deposits directly to the Bank (and your account) via the Internet.

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Cash Management Services

Merchant Bank Card Services

The ability to accept credit and debit cards is essential for doing business. It's convenient for customers and efficient for you. WashingtonFirst is well-equipped to provide your business with the very latest in payment technology, products, and services.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

A WashingtonFirst Bank ZBA can help your business run more effectively. The ZBA automatically consolidates balances from multiple accounts into one single account—saving you time and energy. Once your funds are centralized into one account you can quickly identify excess cash, eliminate fund transfers, and maximize your investment opportunities.

Positive Pay

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Positive Pay is an automated check matching service that notifies you if a check received for payment doesn't match your issued list. With a few clicks of the mouse you can reject an unauthorized transaction before a loss occurs. Call us today to learn more.

Information Reporting Services/Online Banking

WashingtonFirst Online Banking provides you unlimited access to your business accounts 24/7 from virtually any location. You can quickly and easily check your account balances in real-time, confirm cleared checks, reconcile your accounts, pay bills electronically, and more.

• Transfer funds between accounts
• Place stop payments
• View account history
• View business loan or credit line
  balances and make payments
• Initiate wire transfers
• Initiate ACH transactions
• Initiate payroll and tax payments
• Obtain copies of paid checks or deposits
• Compatible with Quicken and .CSV formats
• Alert notifications of specific account activity